Wheel In Motion Tour comes to a hault
Fri, May 11th, 2012

From Derrick and the Wheel In Motion Crew Thanks After a great start to the ride, we regret to inform you that we had to stop the Wheel In Motion Tour due to s serious knee injury. At this time the doctors are unable to say if Derrick will ever be able to ride a unicycle for long distance. Derrick is truly saddened by the injury but would like to thank the sponsors and supporters that made this dream possible, even though it was stopped due to a sudden injury.


The Wheel in Motion Tour Has Started!
Sun, May 6th, 2012

Derrick was waved off by over a dozen people in support of his month-long journey. He left as scheduled at 12:30p.m. today, as he battled winds that averaged 18 km/h and gusted at over 32km/h, while being showered by cold rain. The trouper nonetheless had covered over 30km by the time this article was published. His spirits are high, despite the difficult weather.

Hartfilled gratitude for the wonderful people of Kenora, for their hospitality (sponsored by Perch Bay Resort), the free ice cream giveaways by the local McDonalds and the Kenora Recreation Center for serving as the lauching point for the tour. The support and donations by many gave Derrick the greatly needed boost of enouragement he needed to take on the tremendously difficult starting day.

We hope to reach Thunder Bay by Thursday. More importantly, we're hoping for weaker winds.


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We are ready to go!
Fri, May 4th, 2012

We are pleased to announce that Derrick and his crew are ready to start their journey. First thing tomorrow morning, Derrick will head towards Thunder Bay, expecting to reach Kenora by Saturday. Derrick has spent the week fundraising and attending interviews while his crew prepared and provisioned for the trip. Just one last night of sleep for Derrick and then he faces the music.

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